Navigating A Full Recovery

It’s natural to want to get back home from the hospital as quickly as possible after a surgery, injury or illness. But often, making an optimal recovery requires more focus, tools, and specialized attention than home recovery can provide.

Questions to consider when choosing where to recover:

  1. How much therapy and nursing care will I need to achieve my recovery goals?
  2. Will I have access to the best therapy equipment and recovery tools?
  3. What is my risk for a hospital readmission based on the severity of my illness or injury?
  4. Does my care team have the necessary skills to care for me safely and effectively?
  5. If recovering at home, can my family devote the necessary time to my recovery?
  6. Will I be able to bathe, dress, and cook for myself or will I need help with these basic needs?

Things to consider when comparing centers:

First Impressions

  • Think about your first impressions when speaking with centers.
  • Are staff friendly and welcoming?
  • Are they eager and open in answering all your questions?
  • Are you comfortable and at ease with their answers?

Gym Equipment and Facilities

  • Are the recovery gyms modern and clean?
  • Is there plenty of space and are there plenty of therapists to work with patients?


  • Is the facility close to home and easy to get to?
  • Is it easy for you to stay connected with family and friends?


  • Talk to people who have actually been to the center and ask them about their experiences.
  • Would they choose the same facility again?
  • Talk to your doctor, too. Get lots of opinions.


  • How long has the facility been in business?
  • Does the facility have a good reputation within the community?

Innovation and Dedication

  • Does the facility have proven programs and techniques?
  • Does its philosophy reflect dedication to its patients and their successful recoveries?


  • Does the facility have resources in place to help its patients stay healthy once they’re back home?

Knee & Hip Surgery Planning

Planning for surgery can feel overwhelming, but with a better understanding of your options, you can prepare yourself for a quick, comprehensive recovery. Arm yourself with the facts, the questions to ask your medical team, and what you can expect during your recovery with our surgery recovery planning guides.

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Understanding Insurance

Understanding Medicare or Medicaid coverage will help you make the best healthcare decisions for yourself and your loved ones. This guide presents an overview of Medicare and Medicaid coverage as it applies to a skilled nursing/rehabilitation setting.

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Be the Best Advocate

It’s common for children, siblings, or other family members to step in and help decide what’s in their loved one’s best interest after a sudden illness, accident, or surgery. If you’re faced with the challenge of helping care for a loved one, this guide offers some things to consider.

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Comparing Centers?

Selecting the right center for yourself or a loved one is a big decision. Our comparing centers guide outlines the types of questions to ask center staff and the types of things to consider when evaluating your options so you can be confident you’re making the best choice.

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Why Choose LifeWorks?

Making an optimal recovery requires a lot more focus, tools, and specialized attention than home recovery can provide. Learn more about how a LifeWorks Rehab recovery stands out among other rehabilitation programs and options.

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Why Preregister?

Planning ahead and pre-registering is one of the best moves you can make to jump-start your recovery from a planned knee replacement or other surgery. This guide provides a quick overview of the whys and the hows of pre-registering for your post-surgery recovery.

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